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Hello there again good Vegan Congregation…

So it may seem somewhat gluttonous that we’d already be attempting to re-make beerfest items but… think of it this way… there are roughly 362 more days that we have to wait until the next Vegan Beerfest… so see… that’s 362 days without beerfest… and well I don’t know about you but that seems like restraint, ascetic restraint, if you ask me!

Check it…

So here’s how it went down… same general idea beer battered avocado tacos + Aardvark Sriracha Veganaise +Sumi Salad (Cabbage and Rice Noodles in a Sesame Oil Dressing) + Crispy Corn Shells = AWESOME!!! On the side we did some semi-fresco beans… meaning okay we used pinto beans out of a can but then we added onions, tomatoes, mini bellpeppers, garlic powder, and a little salt & pepper! NOMNOMNOM!!!

That’s right friends… that just happened. And it can happen for you too! No need to wait another 362 days… of course you could try to at least make it to next Saturday unlike us… but you know.. we won’t judge you.


The Vegangelicals