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We didn’t do much traveling around our first day in Portland but if you’re going to be stuck somewhere for a marathon tattoo session there’s no where lovelier than the world’s only VEGAN STRIP MALL! That’s right, it may be small, but Portland’s vegan row is a pretty awe inspiring sight to two Vegangelicals from Orange County, CA. As soon as you get out of your car it’s as if the clouds part and rays of glorious sunshine stream through to melt away the evil in the world. Portland’s vegan strip mall is home to Sweatpea Bakery, Herbivore Clothing, Food Fight Grocery, and Scapegoat Tattoo.


Silje Hagland did an AMAZING job on our tattoos and during our breaks we chowed down on a VEGAN Bacon and Chive Schmeared bagel at Sweatpea Bakery. Post tattoos we were pretty wiped but couldn’t resist one more food adventure before putting our bloody limbs to bed. The vegan empanada rellenas and breakfast burrito with soy curls at Los Gorditos were pretty epic and put our college double drive Mexican food days to shame.

All in all a pretty religious experience to hang out at the vegan mini mall all day, get tattoos touting our vegan philosophy and ethics, and chow down on some good Portland eats. More photos of our healed tattoos to come as well as how other vegans at Vida Con displayed their vegan pride in permanent ink!

The Vegangelicals


So after a relatively painless flight with very gourmet PB & J sandwiches lusciously displayed in ziploc bags for security purposes, we made it into Portland and headed straight to PARADOX CAFE!


What to say about PARADOX CAFE… if there was a dish that could save the world from its sins… it just might be PARADOX CAFE’s Tofu Benedict. It was as if the Vegan Gods of Compassion so loved the world that on top of decreasing violence, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and general world shiftiness they also decided to gift all that to the people smothered in vegan hollandaise sauce. Win.

With un-relenting gratitude,
The Vegangelicals

Hello there friends… we have just one thing to say…

(Top left picture lovingly borrowed from wVIDA VEGAN CON)

That’s right VIDA VEGAN CON)
is finally here!! Above see the rad Vida Vegan Con shirt and pics from our gluttonous road trip… ahem… we mean noble pilgrimage to the mecca of all things vegan… PORTLAND in order to spread the good vegan word up the west coast. We can’t help it if Vegangelizing is tiring and required several pit stops to refuel on VooDoo Donuts and Fu Scramble!! Oh man, Paradox Fu Scramble… ain’t the fanciest shmanciest meal you’ll ever eat but believe us there’s no other way to describe it but absolutely divine! It’s slathered in Field Roast Sausage gravy and the plate seemed to be magically… ahem.. divinely bottomless!

We’re so excited to meet all the amazing vegan bloggers we’ve been chatting with who are already doing the good work of spreading the GOOD WORD on their respective blogs!

We’re getting in Wednesday morning, heading straight to Paradox Cafe, and then off to Scapegoat Tattoo for the rest of the afternoon!

See you soon Portland!

In Deep Reverence,
The Vegangelicals