Frequently Asked Questions

(or Questions We Choose to Answer)

  • Who the heck are ya?
    • VEGANS… seriously… focus… no one thinks they have to read anything anymore these days!
  • I HATE Vegangelicals! Why would you want to call your blog that?
  • Ugh! Vegangelicals give all of us SANE vegans a bad name… why would you want to call your blog that?
    • Well, here’s the thing… some people are going to think any vegan is a vegangelical. Surprisingly, enough when we say “No, thanks I’ll pass on the [enter death and destruction menu item here].” We’re really just passing for ourselves. We can’t help it that you feel guilty and are concerned that you’re going to come back as a cockroach in your next life  **no offense cockroaches**.
    • Here’s the other thing… we’re excited… sometimes obnoxiously so we admit… but still… EXCITED! Since becoming vegan it’s like… damn… so you’re telling us we can eat great food that’s good for us, good for other people, good for the planet, good for the animals, and uh… good for EVERYTHING?? Huh… interesting concept… let us get back to you after we finish stuffing this fu scramble down our faces… **chewing** yup! We’re in.
    • Who said being excited and wanting to spread the word was such a bad thing? We’re trying to help you fools out… before you get all defensive let’s just have a relaxing night on the patio with some beer and bbq… we’re reclaiming “Vegangelical..”.. it’s not about ranting and raving it’s about consciousness raising and celebrating… ask us questions, leave us comments, meet us somewhere for amazing vegan food… We’re RECLAIMING VEGANGELICAL…  it’s a blog.. so we can do that kind of stuff here and there’s nothing you can really do about it…
  • Okay you snarky bastards… so what DOES “Vegangelical” mean then???
    • It means we’re spreading the good vegan word in a non-vegan world and we’re doing it the old fashion way… by putting the preaching on our plate! Oh yeah… and then we’re taking pictures of those plates and posting them here… if you’d like to eat with us,  come on in and sit down… we’d love to have ya!
  • Why don’t you show your faces you yellow bellied scoundrels?

    • Hmm… so our readership has finally expanded to the pirate community… that’s really a milestone for us. Well, like most vegan superheroes a secret identity helps us maintain anonymity so that we can do our work without being targeted by the government, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to hear how much you like eating dead animal flesh. Please, send vegan hatemail and bacon dessert recipes to: fuplanetidontcarehowhighmycholesterolisilikebacon@gmail.com
    • To tell us how much you love us, tofu, bunny rabbits, and daiya cheese or if you have personal problems that you would like Vegangelical guidance on please contact us at fromtheveganpulpit@gmail.com
  1. Keep spreading the VICTORY word in our fight for a VEGAN REVOLUTION! Awesome Blog!!!!!!!

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