So after a relatively painless flight with very gourmet PB & J sandwiches lusciously displayed in ziploc bags for security purposes, we made it into Portland and headed straight to PARADOX CAFE!


What to say about PARADOX CAFE… if there was a dish that could save the world from its sins… it just might be PARADOX CAFE’s Tofu Benedict. It was as if the Vegan Gods of Compassion so loved the world that on top of decreasing violence, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and general world shiftiness they also decided to gift all that to the people smothered in vegan hollandaise sauce. Win.

With un-relenting gratitude,
The Vegangelicals

  1. Melissa says:

    It was so great to meet you guys at the Galarama! I’m finally getting a moment to look at your blog & I love it! So creative & fun! Hope you enjoyed yourselves in Portland – I certainly did & didn’t want to come home. Hope to see you soon at a LoveLikeBeer event here in San Diego! peace, luv & tofu!!!

    • vegangelical says:

      Lovely to meet you too! It was seriously painful to leave… Luckily I grabbed some voodoo donuts on the way out of town to ease my pain. 🙂

      • Melissa says:

        haha! Me too! Grabbed a maple & raspberry filled, & rushed off to the airport! Enjoyed my voodoo’s with a glass of wine while waiting for my flight! Good stuff. Want one right NOW!!!

  2. vegangelical says:

    Okay… not sure if we should admit to this but the donut recipe from the My Sweet Vegan book in the swag bags was pretty epic! 🙂

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