Oi! Hello again!

What has the congregation been up to?? Lots of VEGAN goodness we assume. Well, we’ve actually been doing something a bit different from what was the epic VEGAN BEERFEST 2011… we’re actually onto RAW CLEANSE 2011 to prepare for our trip of gluttony to Los Angeles next week! We’ll be at…

Woohoo! Should be a blast.. but fear not good Veganites.. even though we shall be neck deep in crafts we won’t forsake our number one duty to spread the vegan word… or at least our belt buckles as we consume as much vegan food as we can stuff down our faces in one weekend! Supposedly, there are some “vegetarian” options but we may just have order a QuarryGirl Special from Cruzer pizza and call it a day. Although with all our after show adventuring we definitely didn’t starve last year, options at the show were pretty slim and dwindled as the day went on.

We digress… what were we saying??? Oh, right… BALLS! Before we go RAW on all yo vegan asses check out these goodies from The Vegan Joint in West Los Angeles!

So The Vegan Joint is definitely one of those places where there’s everything on the menu from pancakes and fu scramble to well… orange tofu balls… and while we can only speak to the listings above we were pretty satisfied! Not only was everything DELICIOUS but it made excellent leftovers! That’s right… some blogs might tell you how food tastes when you order it but the level of journalism is that high here that we also let you know how stuff tastes nuked/refried the next day… that’s just how important the vegan cause is to us. 🙂

In conclusion…

Vegan Joint Tofu Balls=Satisfied VEGANGELICALS!

Tofu Balls & Vegan Asian Sunshine,

The Vegangelicals

  1. Tatiana says:

    This is great! I’ve actually been thinking about doing a raw food cleanse ever since my vegan weekend with you guys in LA. These photos are inspiring!

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